Concerning Cindi and the Glow of the Drogon’s Eyes

This painting, which hangs in the foyer of the Royal Black House, is simply called Cindi Mayweather Is Glowing In the Sky Again.  Painted in the spring of 2719 by the Good Citizen Samuel Spratt, this painting is evidence of the meteoric rise of the android superstar—as evidenced by the fact that, four mere years after her birth, the Digital Auction Code on her wrist now denotes that she is FREE and NOT FOR SALE.  She has become a Q.U.E.E.N., an E1 Class android superstar, with full manumission papers.  Please note the Dragonhair bouffant, typically reserved only for Parkington royalty and high-born Time Council ladies.  Most importantly, note the blue glowing eyes of the Drogon on her breastplate.   For those that have not read the Book of Zoman, the Drogon is a legendary robotic dragon designed and built by Martin McKnight during World War C.  According to legend, nine drogons were built, and all were destroyed during the war, except number nine, which is now supposedly hidden somewhere in the depths of Mount Circle.  In further stories associated with the legend, the ArchAndroid will wake the Drogon when she arrives, thereby bringing a fiery end to the reign of the Wolfmasters and the Great Divide.  In accordance with this legend, many droids revere the Drogon symbol as a sign of liberation, justice, droid pride and mystic evidence that light will one day prevail over darkness.

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